EPICENE supports and stands with Black Lives Matter, and is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and to actively being an antiracist organization. 
My intention behind committing to this pledge, is first and foremost to make an active and ongoing commitment to actively make progress in the fight for racial justice and equality. I intend to hold myself accountable as a business owner and leader to embed actively antiracist policies into the foundation of my organization, and into the day to day operation of my business. I understand that racism is systemic and built into all foundations of our society, and that within this system, I benefit from unearned privileges, protection and power because I am white. In addition to the structures that I have unintentionally been complicit in supporting, I have benefitted in countless ways throughout my life from simply being white, and the privilege that that has afforded me. I understand that being antiracist is an active daily commitment, that requires attention and participation in antiracist practices every single day. 
My Commitments and Plan of Action: 
  1. I am committed to antiracist education.
  • As a solopreneur, I am committed to constant personal engagement in antiracist education through books, journaling and self-reflection, documentaries, films, online workshops and dialogue with peers and community members when applicable. I understand that antiracist work is an ongoing and requires an active and daily commitment to being antiracist, and have built this work, mainly reading and subsequent reflection, into my daily work schedule, maintaining this indefinitely. 
  • I am committed to deep internal unpacking of the ways in which I have benefitted from white supremacy, something that is essential to being an inclusive and equitable small business owner. 
  • If I decide to hire any additional team members, I will be extending this education to them in the form of assigned readings/reflective work, subsequent group discussions and constant open dialogue within the studio. I will go over Epicene’s Commitment to Antiracism Pledge with any and all new hires to make sure it is thoroughly understood, and I will hire BIPOC diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists to lead quarterly workshops with the team when applicable. 
  1. I am committed to open conflict, allowing for discomfort.
  • When conflict arises within my team or with customers, I will not hide, delete or ignore it. I will acknowledge the conflict and allow space for individuals to be heard and communicate through the conflict. However, I will not allow or protect hate speech on any platform in any capacity.
  • If I am called out, I am committed to sitting with the discomfort, addressing the needs expressed, and taking action accordingly.
  • I am committed to being humble and making mistakes that I know I will learn from and will correct.
  1. I am committed to investing a portion of my monthly budget into the Black community. 
  • I am committed to building wealth redistribution into my monthly budget. This involves being intentional about where I am sourcing materials and supplies and making buying from BIPOC businesses a top priority. 
  • I am currently in the process of researching and reviewing where I source all materials and all of my material suppliers. I am committed to ending relationships with suppliers who engage in unethical and racist practices and behaviors, and who uphold racist policies and white supremacy. 
  • I am committed to spending the money that I earn from my business with BlPOC companies and businesses.
  • When able to, I will donate a portion of sales directly to BIPOC organizations. 
This pledge was created in response to Rachel Rogers’ town hall to listen, learn and commit to building equitable, antiracist organizations and is a forever work in progress. I know that as I learn and grow both personally and as a small business, I will better understand the areas in which I can more effectively enact real and lasting change, and update my commitments accordingly. 
I intend to make my customers and clients aware of my commitment so that they are aware of my values as a business in an effort to encourage accountability and transparency, and invite others to do the same. Change begins with individuals, and I want my supporters and clients to know the details of my commitment to being part of a greater, long term change.
If you are interested in taking this pledge or learning more, please visit to watch the town hall and learn about how to actively commit to making progress in the fight for racial justice and equality. 
Please feel free to message me if you’d like to discuss this work, or have questions or suggestion as to what I can do better.