Carnelian Drop Earrings
Carnelian Drop Earrings
Carnelian Drop Earrings

Carnelian Drop Earrings

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Simply designed to feature as much of this beautiful juicy, gemmy, carnelian as our ears can handle, these earrings are perfectly sensuous and sultry. Featuring carefully selected smooth and symmetrical pieces of carnelian set in raw red brass, the shape and color contrast offer a striking silhouette. These spicy drops are reminiscent of ancient royalty, and pair perfectly with anything fabulous…or nothing at all ;)


*These earrings are handmade from red brass and polished to a high shine. The post is sterling silver.

*Each earring measures approximately .75 inches at their widest point, with a 3.25 inch drop

*These earrings are finished and ready to ship!

**Please note that stones can be delicate by nature, so please take care to avoid activities that may shock, scratch or dent your jewelry. We are unfortunately not able to repair or replace damaged stones.

Each EPICENE piece is thoughtfully handmade in our studio from carefully selected stones and metals. Although durable, they are delicate by nature and should be handled and stored with care. 
Because EPICENE pieces are made from natural metals which are sensitive to their environment, they may patina and change color over time. Humidity often accelerates this process, so make sure to protect your jewelry from any excess moisture. Please avoid showering, bathing and swimming in your EPICENE jewelry, as well as exposure to harsh chemicals or perfumes. 
If you wish to restore your pieces to their original shine, gently rub them with a polishing cloth, silver polish or brass cleaner, taking care to avoid any stones. Visit for tips on how to keep your EPICENE jewelry looking shiny. 
EPICENE pieces that feature stones and natural materials are especially delicate, so please take care to avoid activities that may shock, dent, or scratch your jewelry. 
Earring posts are always tested for durability before leaving the studio, however they are not designed to withstand the inside of a bag or drawer without and hard layer of protection such as a padded box or tin, so please make sure to store them properly when not in use.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the care of your EPICENE pieces.
For inquiries regarding repairs, please visit the Returns and Repairs section on our website, or email us via the contact form here.

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